Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury – The Rumors of 40 Euros PPV

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury fight will take place in four to five months in the future. At the moment we wrote this news, there was no official announcement about the date of the event. But even though so, there are many people who have been speculating about the price they have to pay to watch this spectacle on their favorite screen.

Simon Jordan's Rumors of 40 Euros PPV

AJ’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, has responded to the rumors. There are a lot of people who want to believe that the number was accurate.

If you are curious about the truth, then we can have closure now that the rumor is not true. In fact, the information about the PPV is not yet available on the official faucets. Hearn also dismissed the rumor for the upcoming bout of Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury PPV price.

There is no official announcement that we can see in any official pages on the net. So, we can just assume that the price is still in the progress.

The rumor’s origin was from Simon Jordan. Back then, he suggested that the fight PPV price could whop to 40 euros, and would break the PPV records in the UK.

There are different predictions about how much we should pay for the PPV. However, Jordan was optimistic that the both of the involved fighters for the upcoming bout could get over 100million euros each person. That would be possible if the PPV price could hike high.

According to him, he added that Joshua’s profile in the US could not boost the PPV price. Meanwhile, the situation would be beneficially different if his opponent was Tyson Fury.

Jordan added that both of the fighters could not get the quantity milestones in terms of the PPV purchases. So, the officials would make the right calculation. If they couldn’t get the quantity, what they do is to increase the margin of each PPV. Increasing the price of PPV by 50% would be sensible to get these fighters universally accepted.

Hearn has dismissed the speculation. But if it is true, that means both of the fighters can really get 100 million euros each.

Back in 2019, PPV price for AJ vs Andy Ruiz Jr II was at 24.95 euros. That number was an increase from the previous 19.95 Euros price point.

Then there are also other fights that have a similar price range as AJ vs Andy Ruiz Jr II. It is indeed possible to raise the price again, especially for the upcoming Joshua and Fury. However, Hearn straightforwardly dismissed the idea to raise it to 40 euros. That would be nonsense.

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