Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury – Joshua’s Reaction to Fury’s Physique

The upcoming bout of Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury is one of the most exciting moments in the boxing world. As revealed by Eddie Hearn, there was a reaction from Anthony Joshua towards Tyson Fury’s physique.

Joshua’s Reaction to Fury’s Physique

Eddie Hearn claimed that Joshua had taken a look at Fury’s latest physical condition and fitness. This activity was part of the preparation of the upcoming most awaited showdown that will be taking place this summer. The boxing communities have been speculating about the bout between the two since it is going to be the championship showdown.

The two fighters will meet on the ring for the undisputed crown all four belts. Although we haven’t received the exact date of the spectacle, it will be taking place somewhere in June or July.

It is also safe to know that the Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury bout is still in progress, although we have been feeling the big hype most recently.

We still see lack of training camp videos reports from the both parties because they haven’t started it yet. But it has never been too early for the avid fans of the fighter to get updated with the information of their fighter. In this case, Fury’s fans have been concerned about the physical condition of the fighter who has just recently posted his picture on his own social media account.

Eddie Hearn, promoter of AJ, is also one of the audiences who noticed this. The body of the fighter was caught when he recorded a video about the Gypsy King jumping half-naked into Morecambe Bay.

Left alone by the avid fans of the fighter, it also caught the opposite’s side of the fighter. Probably you have the similar opinion as Hearn and the other fans that Fury did not look in his prime condition.

When asked, AJ responded that they were going to get the best Tyson Fury. He didn’t care if his opponent was carrying a little extra weight. It does not stop AJ to train hard. From his opinion, we could agree that he never looked down on his opponent, not a single bit.

Well, we still have four or five months to go until the moment of truth takes place in the venue. In the professional sports world, it is not surprising that a sportsman can reduce an enormous amount of weight in just a few months with rigorous training and a weight loss regime.

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